Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Even in the bath.

I swear, I rarely saw the kid's fingers out of his mouth yesterday. Maybe while sleeping and eating. I thought bathtime was a finger-free time, too, til I looked at these pictures. And then I realized, no, he had 'em in there then, too. It's becoming an Olympic sport for him.


Katie said...

Funny kid! At least he knows what he likes!

Norina said...

Ah yes the fingers..Zechy is into his too. I watche dhim in the backseat today in my rear view mirror (he has a mirror so I can see him) as he was crying (he hates the car seat) but would stop when his fingers would enter his mouth. Too bad he can't figure out that those are HIS fingers and he can control them. They kept falling out, which insued in more crying :(. That finger sucking is so cute though when they do get it right!

Megan said...

Oh, I think he's going to be like Jamie. Looks like he's chosen his left too. Maybe he'll be a righty so he can suck while doing things like Jamie does. I think it's genius. What better way to keep doing something you like?