Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Fourth.

She seemed to remember the sparklers being a little, well, sparkly last year, and was a bit apprehensive. And if you need a 2007 refresher you'll have to click on the July 2007 link and then scroll down to the fourth because I can't figure out how to link just to that post. And I'm too lazy and lack the desire to figure it out.
But warmed up once she found her technique.


Megan said...

Mazie took a while to warm up to them too. Jamie was all about them though. Wanted two at a time by the end of the box!

erin said...

Glad you guys had a great 4th! FYI, when you click on the date stamp at the bottom of your posts it takes you to a permalink just for that post. So your permalink for last July 4th is here:

Dre said...

i went back to check out july 07. alla has changed a lot in one year! she was still a baby last year :) too precious! pretty sure next year she will be all about it!
xoxo dre