Thursday, July 03, 2008

June photo love.

I spent July 1st and 2nd getting my June photo order ready since Adorama put a deadline on its eight-cent pics. Yes, eight cents! In the process I got to love the photos from last month again, discovered a few I hadn't touched, and cannot wait to receive the actual prints in the mail. Here are a few highlights from June, in photographs, of mostly stuff I didn't already post. I said mostly.
From top left: Two happy kids after naps; Daddy and his kiddos on Father's Day 2008; Alla has decided she wants for breakfast every single day 'a waffle like you [Mama] eat' which is to say a plain waffle topped with yogurt and granola and fruit (well, add flaxseed and maple syrup to mine) - on that day we ate breakfast outside; my Fisher's happy little clear-skinned smile; Daddy + Fish; Alla happily seated on her SpongeBob chair outside with her Aunt + Uncle; said Aunt + Uncle with their niece and nephew; Alla enjoying some puddles and downpour with her froggy boots and Dora umbrella; two kiddos in the double jogger; June 2008 family photo; Stahr kids + Killins kids; the wonderful Stahrs who paid us a visit.
Here's to an equally lovely July!


Megan said...

What a cool collage. I am glad see us apart of it. We had such a fun time. I can't believe that was a month ago. Miss you all.

pakosta said...

LOVELY photos jj!!!!!
and i really can't believe you are that caught up on ordering! i haven't ordered a single print from 2008 yet, well i guess i got some in JAn. but no other months AT ALL YET!!!!!!! i should have went to Adorama! darn IT!!!!!!!! i have been loading them all to

boo arnold said...

the rain boots and umbrella is just too fun!