Thursday, July 03, 2008

One year ago.

I went to the dermatologist for a check-up and came home with one less mole and the knowledge that there was a baby in my belly.

Alla immediately started showing us her belly, insisting there was a baby in there, too, and naming our baby-to-be Pondegore.
And the rest is, well, you know, looks a little something like this.
I told Alla this whole little one-year-ago-today story this morning as I'm laying there with her leg draped over me and on the other side of me is this little cooing baby and Ron apparently overheard from the bathroom as he's getting ready for work and says let's do it again and I said talk to me in a few years because, let's all be honest, it's a heck of a lot of work. But with limbs draped over me and sweet baby sounds in my ear, as tired as I was at 7:01 am, I thought, more limbs would certainly be wonderful. Someday. Love you, family. What a difference a year makes. A fabulous, chubby seventeen-pound difference.


pakosta said...

wow. is this the same jj that i was talking to after she had alla/! LOL! that is so awsome!!! go YOU! i really want a 3rd one soooooooooo much.

Marie said...

17 pounds?????????

my little shrimp is just not quite there yet :)

erin said...

You're insane.


Norina said...

This one made me cry. They are so darling aren't they. Someday is a good goal for another :)