Monday, July 21, 2008

Four months.

In my experience, on the day that the baby is exactly x-number of months old, you will be unable to get the shot you want that will be enlarged and go on the wall and become the official photograph for that month. The kid is a bundle of smiles on the 29 other days that month, but on the day you want his official photograph, he clams up. Hand in mouth. Like all day.
But that was before we brought in back up. Mmm-hmmm, Daddy Tickle Monster.

And remembered the little guy has ticklish thighs!Mama wins this month, Fisher. Happy Four Months, Little Man. Now stop growing already.


Amy said...

Oh, I LOVE that! You are SO right about the monthly photos. Drives me crazy. Maybe I'll have to bring in some back-up for Hayden's 18 month shots next week. . . can Ron fly in for me?!

Megan said...

So cute! Tickly thighs must be a boy thing. Jacob laughs if he even thinks that I'm going for his. And when you find that "stop growing" pill, please let me know!

pakosta said...

oh my gosh!!!! he's so CUTE, those dimples are just soooooooooooooooooo cute i can't even stand it!!!!!!! he is going to be one little boy that's chased by tons of girlies one day LOL!!!!!! and seriously, STOP GROWING SO FAST FISHER KILLINS!!!!!! it's scaring me how fast time goes!
GREAT photos jj!!!!!

Marie said...

four months already. we made it ;)

charlie (oh i mean william ;) has a great tickle spot too. we ladies are so lucky with our boys aren't we :)

Susie said...

Such an adorable series of shots, J! I love that last one :)