Sunday, July 20, 2008

If this doesn't make your Sunday.

Then nothing will. I don't think we've had footage this good since Chicken Dance Elmo. Really, couldn't we all use a little more Michael Jackson in our lives?


Megan said...

Well, it made mine! I love that she wanted to see when she was done. Miss you.

Samantha said...

Nice moves, Alla! Fisher looks mystified.

Marie said...

adorable just adorable

Sara said...

Love it. Adam says the same thing after we take videos of him. I can't get over how big Fisher is. Looks like Alla keeps him fully entertained.

Amy said...

Way to get down with your bad self, Miss Alla! You've got some smooth moves :-) And you totally made my Sunday!

Susan said...

totally cracked me up.
and wasnt fisher completely loving it all?!
i miss little alla....... and all of you!!!!
xoxo -S

Dre said...

OMG! seriously too cute! alla has all the moves... wonder where she got such smooth moves???
xoxo dre

Katie said...

Oh so funny, can't wait to show Kelsea--she'll love seeing Alla dancing!

Norina said...

I see Alla takes after her mama in the fabulous dancin department LOL!