Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reusable bags update.

Check the linky from the Ten on Tuesday post below. Link has been fixed to take you right to the bags! Megan is currently testing some reusable produce bags so we'll be back with a review of those soon:)


Amy said...

Thanks for the update! Those look like the ones I have, which I got $0.99 at Vitamin Cottage and $0.70 at the Commissary. I like that you can get a rainbow of colors, though, with those!

Definitely keep us posted on the produce bags. I think I had about 18 of them (and that's not an exageration!) shopping trip yesterday.

Katie said...

I have some that I really like too, and they fold up really small which makes them great for the car because they take up very little room. I'll try to find them and send you the link.

Joey said...

Unrelated to this particular post...but, I saw your comment on my blog about the pink BArbie Cadillac. I had seen awhile ago that Alla had the same one. My girls love that car, as do the boys in the neighborhood. Anyway, glad to see you visited my blog. I check yours regularly, and have for some time. Fisher is a beautiful baby!

Megan said...

Thanks-No pressure, right? I ordered 12 to start. I will let you know soon.