Monday, July 14, 2008

First trip to the zoo.

Weekends around here are kind of busy. Saturdays Mama gets up for a long run, and has to be home before Daddy takes Alla to swimming. At 9:10 am. So I have to get up, get some sort of power snack, feed Fisher, get myself geared up, head out for a five mile run and still be home by 8:45 so they can be on time for swimming. Sundays Daddy's been golfing with his buddy. And sometime in there he goes for a long run, too. Oh, and there's often grocery shopping or lawnmowing to throw in there. Not to mention we have a wee one who I don't want out in the hot summer sun, so that kind of limits our around the town activities.
Not Saturday! They got home from swimming and I whispered to Ron, Let's take them to Como, and fifteen minutes later we were in the car. So saucy of us Killins's, I tell you.
It was like Alla had never been there before, though I assure you we have been there many many times. It's only about a ten mile drive, so we can go for an hour and not invest the whole day. I know she remembers being there enough that when we pulled in she said something about Como and zoo and Como Town and then started screaming about it being her favorite. But when we got in there, she had this new fascination with all the animals like she was seeing them for the first time. She was so so excited, spotting things and pulling us to see them with her. She's suddenly more observant, pays more attention to details, like the sea lions laying on the bottom of the pool and the funny way they blow out their whiskers when they emerge.
I saw a BIG flamingo, Mama! See there are two tortoises looking at me. Let's go find the polar bears. I wanna hug that big giraffe. I see a mama lion, shhhhh. And there's the dada lion.
That wee one spent the day strolling around, easy-going kid he is, sucking those two fingers raw. And then just got bored of it all and fell asleep. We finished up the outing at Snuffy's Malt Shop where Alla actually ate her chickens before her ff's! FF is Alla-speak for 'french fry.'


christine said...

How fun! The last time we were at Como we only walked past a few animals on our way to the rides. It is time to see the animals again. The drive for us is about an hour though so we try to make it a good long visit.

jody said...

Ha! We were there on Sunday. Once again...on opposite schedules :-)

Norina said...

So fun! But forget the zoo, you run 5 miles??!!!! Impressive gf! Impressive indeed!

Sue Thomas said...

Looks like a perfect family outing!

Amy said...

Let's hear it for the solo long run! I did one on Sunday. . . about 30 minutes longer than I wanted (I miscalculated my loop!). Tired as I was at the end, I still relished being out there by myself, with Rich on Dad Duty! :-)

Sweet pics of the zoo. And I do spy a little bit of his Mama in that last photo of Fisher. Such a handsome one, he is!

Megan said...

Remember when Mazie would call french fries "frenfries" like it was all one word and in a whispered voice? And Fisher looks like he is almost faking his nap. Such a cutie!