Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Obsessed with tummy photos.
2. Enjoying Parking Lot Rules. A must-read for parents.
3. Fascinated by The Vaccine Book. Another must-read.
4. Appalled by the price of cherries! $4.49 a pound??? How am I ever supposed to make the chocolate cherry tart??
5. Hooked on frozen bananas.
6. Bored with lunch again. Well, we had leftover chicken salad today so that was lovely, but yesterday I was stumped. If you leave a comment, tell me what you had for lunch today.
7. Compromising with Alla on non-nap days. Parked her in the guest/playroom on a bare bed with lots of pillows and lots of books. She knows when she's tired enough to sleep, and if she's not, then Mama has to do everything possible to maintain her own quiet time. For sanity's sake.
8. But sometimes, the stars do align, and Mama gets an hour and twenty minute nap. Hopefully that lovely stretch yesterday will carry me til the next one.
9. On the menu tonight: marinated grilled flank steak, roasted potatoes, and fruit. I think we have cantaloupe and strawberries.
10. Super happy with the reusable bags Megan recommended! I even get five cents back for each one used at Target! Woohoo. And they hold tons.


Samantha said...

All these mamas posting about naps coming to an end gives me the chills. I am SO NOT READY for that.

Even though it's summer, we're huge soup eaters. I try to make a big pot on Monday and just eat it all week. Plus it's a good way to get more veggies in both of us. We had CL's stuffed pepper soup today, and it's one of my favs.

pakosta said...

i made a GREAt recipe last night for dinner and we had it for lunch leftover YUM! even my girls love it! i will email it to YOU! it was in the WW magazine.

jody said...

hmmm...lunches are hard for me too. i usually just give up and have a sandwich. boring. today I had leftover Big Bowl. So, i looked and couldn't find the reusable bags from your link, but would like to see them! I am obsessed with bags, as you know.
Lovely to see you, Alla and Fisher (smiling!) today at the park...

Megan said...

I'm so glad you like the bags. I love them too. I just got word that the produce bags should be here early next week! So fast. I will let you know. About lunch, sorry we kind of graze here. No particular meal so to speak. Holy geez, your cherries are pricey. Ours aren't that bad ($3.25/lb). And Samantha, I have a four year old who still naps! There's some hope.

Dre said...

dre's lunch today: vietnamese chicken salad from my fave spot near my hospital :)

i heart reusable bags too!

Amy said...

We had quesadillas. . . sometimes just cheese and tortillas, but we actually had a can a refried beans so I added those and some salsa.

Love that guy! Just a priceless expression that sure did make me smile! :-)

Oh, and do share exactly what kind of bags you have? I found some $0.70 ones at the commissary that I like, but money back at Target sounds good!

JOD said...

weird...I thought I already commented about this, but I guess not.
We eat almond butter, honey & banana sandwiches, YUM!
Fisher is SOOOOO stinkin' cute!