Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Pulling the Bumbo up to the Gymini is a whole extra new fun baby activity!2. More from the new banner series.3. And more. 4. She picked out this flower and asked me to put it in her hair and I couldn't help but remember that she was there on my hip when I bought that for a very special occasion.
5. Somedays you just need your ballet outfit and your hair in a ballerina bun and your umbrella and your fishies to snack on.
6. A Friday art morning. Outside on the deck on a hot morning just-a-painting away.7. Muffin Tin Monday. This has been loads of fun the past three weeks. Alla LOVE LOVE LOVES the whole idea and now knows that Monday means Muffin Tin Monday. I know it looks like a lot of work, kind of, to figure out 12 different things, but you could use a six-cup tin! Ha! No, honestly, it's super easy to just give her a little of a bunch of stuff. And I kind of cheated on this one and put her dessert in the tin whereas usually that's an after lunch thing, but wouldn't you know, she ate the food-food first and then asked me if she could eat her dessert! So, from left to right starting at the top, here's what she had yesterday:
leftover pizza cut into strips, pistachios, chocolate chips, marshmallows, pitted cherries, a mini-peanut butter sandwich cut into a circle, banana chips, graham crackers, strawberry yogurt, strawberries, pretzels, dried apricots
I've heard it suggested that it would be interesting to get a snapshot of the tin after lunch, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.
8. A photo without his hand in his mouth!9. Tomorrow we're going to see Shrek the Third at the "movie center" for a buck. Can't beat that.
10. It's hot here. If it's hot where you are, then try these homemade popsicles. I've had two today:)
Raspberry-Lime-Swirl Popsicles

16 ounces low-fat or nonfat vanilla yogurt
2 Tbsp fresh lime juice
8 ounces fresh or thawed frozen raspberries
4 Tbsp granulated sugar

1. In a blender or food processor, puree the yogurt with 1 Tbsp of the lime juice until smooth. Transfer mixture to a bowl.

2. In the blender or food processor (no need to clean), puree the raspberries with the remaining lime juice and sugar. Pass the puree through a fine sieve to remove the seeds; you should have about 1/2 cup.

3. Pour the yogurt mixture and the berry puree in layers in 4 large popsicle molds or 8-ounce cups. Using a wooden popsicle stick, swirl the layers together. Insert sticks, then freeze the pops for at least 6 hours, or until they're solid.

4. To unmold the pop: Run warm water over the bottom three-quarters of the mold. Let it stand for 10 seconds then gently pull out the pop. Serve immediately or wrap each pop individually in plastic wrap and freeze until ready to serve.

The popsicles will keep, wrapped and frozen, for at least one week.


Marie said...

ooo love the new banner and love the foodie idea!!

Katie said...

Oh those sound delicious. May have to make those this weekend. Might not want to share with anyone.

Love the banner pictures!

Megan said...

I may have to try that muffin thing for lunch around here. The girls are getting bored with lunch. Is that ballerina outfit the one we got her for her birthday? It looks like it fits really well. Great 10!

Sue Thomas said...

Fun lunch idea and I think I need to make those popsicles!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!

Dre said...

i heart second banner picture! fisher is such a little hand eater!!!

do you do ballet class with alla? lucky little girl has a masterful dancer for a mother... :)

miss u...

paula said...

we MUST try Muffin Tin Monday next week - what a fun idea! Hope all is well!!

boo arnold said...

Ill have to try muffin tin monday! Malyn will love it!!

precious in the ballet outfit!


christine said...

I love Muffin Tin Monday!

Shelly Z. said...

Muffin tin Monday is the coolest idea! I'm going to stash that one away for later...

Sara said...

I just found your blog and am LOVING reading back! I am absolutely floored that Alla is 6 months younger than my son. She seems so much more mature! He just started preschool on Monday and is having the hardest time adjusting ... I thought maybe he was too young, but then saw when her birthday is! Wow! How is she doing?

Fisher also has *the cutest* dimples ever. (Alla's are pretty cute, too, but his are DEEP!) You have a gorgeous family.

Cheers! :)